Take A Seat

Hey Divas,

I  have literally been trying to write this blog post for  like a month. School had ended for the summer and I am ready to relax by the pool daily and sip sangria all day.

As this month is coming to an end I have truly enjoyed the month of May. I was able to see family, friends, and also able to meet new friends.  By the way meeting new people  is  not my favorite thing to do. I am that friend that you have to call in advance and say “Yuri there will be a new person here today, and I really need for you to  be nice OK!!!” My answer will always be “OK GIRL” but deep down I’m like who is this stranger lol. But life is good and I have learned to open up more because you never know who you are going to meet in this season.



In this day and age it is really hard to be who you want to be when people are always telling you who and what you should be. My response always is why are you worried about me and my life when you clearly need to worry yourself. Because if you are not a millionaire, own a Charter School with 100 percent passing rate for kids or own 3-5 group homes, we are clearly misaligned on goals.  Have a seat, or two, matter of fact take several! I got this!

Being who you want to be is knowing who you are as a person and not allowing anyone to project their negative energy, preconceived notions, and past experiences onto you. You can look at them and keep walking. It takes to much energy to worry about something you cannot control but most important why do you give a fuck what they think.  Let the foolishness have them. You have more important things to worry about like what color earrings you’re going to put on before you leave the house.

OK I’m off my rant lol.

This morning I ran across this video on Facebook by Coco Butter Media Group featuring the one and only Billy Porter. Now if you don’t know who he is I would advise you to look him up. During his video he talked about his 7 rules to live by to be your whole authentic self.

 Billy 7 rules to live by gave my whole life this morning and I couldn’t wait to share.

1.     Choose yourself, bet on yourself

2.     Dress for the job you want not for the job you have

3.     Don’t wait for permission to practice your art

4.     Be on time

5.     When people show you who they are believe them the first time

6.     Be of service

7.     Mean what you say and say what you mean and deliver

Whoo Chile!!! This gave me my whole morning and I hope this gives you as much life as it gave me today.



Just be you and let people watch your success.

Remember if they watching and worrying about you,

YOU will always be a step ahead.

Because watching requires no skills at all just use your thumb to scroll!!!!


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