She Can, She Will

Hey Divas,


Happy Boss Year!


I am so excited to be entering into Chapter 2 of 2019. So far, this year has been absolutely amazing and off to a great start.  One of the things I wanted to do before I hit the year running was take a break and relax. That meant leaving the blog and business and taking a break to reevaluate what I want to keep constant in my life and what I can handle.

We all talk about self- care and things we should and should not let impact our life. But it is very hard to evaluate what the best care for ourselves as we get older. I’m noticing what I used to like and value is no longer a priority and I tend to not care as much about minutiae issues that don’t impact my world.


yuri smiling 22

While I was on vacation at home I made a list of three things that I was going to prioritize and anything that I think would negatively impact my growth has to go. Turning 36 is not changing anything, but turning 36 changes my view of the meaning I want my life to have moving forward.   An old friend of mine once told me the light comes on in your 30’s as long as you continue to walk into your purpose.

36 priority list

  1. Not my issue- I will not allow other peoples issues impact my world
  2. August 2020 – Goal for receiving my graduate degree
  3. Sky miles- Unlimited happiness


I very happy to continue to share my journey and encourage you to continue to grow in your line of happiness.



Until Next Time ……..

2 thoughts on “She Can, She Will

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Yes, I also feel more comfortable with myself now in my 30s.I’m more confident and less willing to put up with other people’s nonsense. It’s the decade to forge real relationships.

    P.S. I NEED this outfit in my life! Perfection!


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