Hey Divas!

I hope your weekend was amazing and you are preparing for  Black Friday sales coming up.  Fortunately for me I am skipping this year’s spending extravaganza.

Have you ever wondered how many doors you enter and exit during the day? I know its weird lol, but really sit and think about it. How  many doors do you  mentally and physically  walk though, open, and close during the day.  Last Thursday I took the time to count how many doors I opened and closed during the day including ideas, people, and my own mindset.


Doorways and openings are symbolic structures that have great significance in our daily lives. Moving through difficulties or challenges, entering into new spaces and opportunities, leaving sadness, loss, a broken heart – doors and openings provide the transition point to change.

Every time you pass through a door direct your attention to the present for a moment.


My total door count: 90

  • My home walking out and walking in: 2
  • Getting dressed including closets bedroom: 15
  • Car door driving :10
  • Office door in and out: 4
  • Shutout an idea: 5
  • Office meeting rooms: 28
  • School door : 6
  • Classroom doors : 12
  • Principal office: 2
  • Happy Hour: 2
  • Target: 2
  • Closed a door on the past issue: 1
  • Opened a new door  (friendship): 1


I read this amazing article called “The Symbolism of Doors” that talked about what a doorways means from the entrance  to the exit of the door.  I have always felt that doors are a transition of one place to another in a journey. Even when people literally use the door of a building to enter or exit the outside world, they are going through a type of transition each time.

yuri smiling


One of my favorite things to do while traveling is take pictures of doors. I always wonder what is behind the door, who went in this door, who came out, what happens inside the space.  But most importantly is this door I really care to open.

I encourage you to take the time to count how many doors you open in a day and reflect on the transition from one door to the next.


 Outfit Details (everything old): 

Shoes: Top Shop

Hat: Abercrombie & Fitch 

Body Suit: Express 

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