That Glow Girl

Hey Divas,


I am so excited to be back writing again. So many things have been happening recently that I have not been able to blog as much. I recently started a podcast that took up all of my time in October but I am not complaining. It has been a while since  I had a meaningful project that took up my time for a purpose.



For a while I was feeling like nothing was going my way and I was constantly fighting with myself to figure out why my path was drifting. I began to have a lot of negative thoughts about my ability to keep my business running, finding value at work, and missing my old life style in Beijing.  The mind is a powerful thing when you let it be idle for too long. My grandmother used to tell me all the time “An idle mind is the devils workshop”.  It wasn’t until recently I really understood what that really meant. The problem is finding something that you value to occupy your time with a purpose is hard.

While I was cleaning up my room one day I found an old book I read, Battlefield of The Mind. If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it. Most of the time when you are struggling with negative thoughts we get so down like it’s not normal. IT’S NORMAL. The problem is when you spend too much time and it consumes you. What we seem to forget is negativity manifest itself in your appearance overtime. Eventually, you can’t fake the glow up anymore and that smile starts to fade.

Back to my book, I promise I have a point lol. I decided to reread the book and find something new that would like to kick start my mind to get back in the groove of life.   Not to my surprise,  I did!  Refocus the mind: If you struggle with negative thinking, it’s important for you to come to grips with the fact that your life won’t change until your thinking does.

It’s all in the mind and nothing will change until you change your thinking. So I did. Took a month,  but  I created a new podcast, refocused on my blog, and jewelry business. I have my own podcast whoop whoop!!!

One of the things that made this process so important to me and get out of the negative thinking was because I’m 36.  I could care less about being single because at this age I have witnessed that grass is not as  green as people are praising. I have meaningful and productive things to do until God is done preparing my significant other.

At this point in my life and career, I’m not only aging but I’m entering into a new intersection of my identity that affects other people. As a professional black educated woman,  I’m realizing  people look up to me. My opinion and life experience is valued and people listen. I have to move differently because  I  don’t know who is watching.

My “glow up” is coming back slowly not because I have to for other people, but because I want it back. So if you’re thinking about how to get your “glow up” back just remember to change your thinking.


An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Stay intentionally busy with a purpose.


Until next time divas………………………………..


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