Hi Divas,


Happy Monday!!  Can you believe that we have less than 8 weeks until we enter into 2019. I have to admit I’m really excited to see what’s in store because 2018 was great.

One of the items on my vision board was to take total control of my finances. I put myself on a serious budget and tried my hardest to make sure to stay on track. Was it easy?  Absolutely not. But I am determined to make financial decisions that will allow me to live the retired life I want to live.

In order to make the right decisions I had to take a hard look at what I was spending most of my money on and think about what to cut and what to keep. Shopping was not one of them I was actively willing to give up. I do make an active effort in the morning to make sure I look as good as I want to look for myself. But as we all know we can’t spend our money trying to keep up with the Jones of the world.

One of the places I have found in Jacksonville that fits my shopping budget is a  consignment store called Uptown Cheapskate. This store has been my go to place for all my shopping needs. As an educator I like to find staple items that I can wear in the classroom and to a professional networking event without going home to change cloths.

Uptown Cheapskate is my budget haven. They have a huge variety of items including accessories, blazers, and of course my favorite shoes. Over the weekend I received a text alert that they were having a huge sale and most items were up to additional 70% off.

So I made a list of 4 items that I needed in my closet based on events I need to attend this month and of course photo shoots. This place is not only organized but the staff is great and always willing to help. Normally I spend about an hour carefully looking through each section and only picking up items that were on my list. I was looking for a pair of black booties, staple statement dress, and a hat.

I was so excited to find all the items I was looking for and everything I found and purchased was under $30.00. One of the perks of being a frequent shopper at Uptown Cheapskate you earn points every time you make a purchase. Once you get to 30 points you receive an additional 20% off.


Check out my outfit below to see how I styled my $12.99 Issac Mazrahi Dress, $12.99 Giani Bernini shoes, and $5.99 forever 21 hat.

yuri2yuri1yuri 5yuri 3

If your in Jacksonville check out Uptown Cheapskate  in the San Jose area at

10601 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32257


Until nest time Divas………..

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