Rediscover Your Closet

Hey Divas!!


Its officially Fall season and its time to bring out the scarfs, boots, hats, and gloves. The interesting thing about Florida is I feel like Fall will never come. It’s still 80 degrees, sun beaming at the crack of dawn, and the leaves are still green as if it was mid Spring.  But hey I will not complain because I would rather have a suntan in November than the cold wind of Cleveland hitting me in the face. Lol. I still love you Cleveland but no thank you to that weather.

dress swing

Over the past week I have been slowly putting up all my summer cloths stuck in the transition of the Summer/Fall cloths. To my surprise, but not really, I found so many accessories I completely forgot about including hats, clutches, jackets, and of course shoes my weakness. I ended up literally rediscovering my style again.

I have a list of staple items that I needed to purchase for Fall and to my surprise I already have them in my closet. For the next 3 months my goal is to restyle my wordrobe with items that I already have.

I was listening to Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast lastnight and there is a episode entitled “Uniquely Better”. It is in reference to leadership but the premisis of the message was how to take what you already do or have and make it uniquely better. I laughed because I was in the middle of my closet thinking how can I rediscover my closet.

Funny thing is I’m in the process of rediscovering how to make what I do on a daily basis uniquely better for not only my career but for my happiness.



Have an amazing weekend divas and I encourage you to rediscover yourself and be uniquely better.

Outfit details:


Shoes: OLD

Clutch: Old Zara

Podcast Link:  The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

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