What Is This Best Life?

Hey Divas,

Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend. This has been a super long week preparing for the first week of school and as always getting my life together. I finally unpacked and  I’m going to hibernate the entire weekend and do NOTHING because I can.

Have you all listened to Cardi B and Lil Duval  living my best life song? I absolutely love it.

But in reality real shit happens in life that sometimes doesn’t allow us to live that best day. Earlier this week I was on the phone with my best friend and she asked me what is living my best life? I had to really think about it because I can only speak for me and not what other people say about living their best life.

We went back and forward about what her best life is and what I think my best life is for about 20 minutes.  One thing we agreed upon is we all have a different definition about what we feel is the best life, based upon our experiences and where we are in life. She is a mom and a wife and for her family is important and that is her definition of best life and I admire her for it. For me I’m not ready for that so my lane of best life is doing what I want to do when I want to do it. There are pros and cons to both but one is not better than the other.   It is based on where we are in our lives and who we have to live this best life with and for.

So I had to ask myself again what is living my best life mean to you?  I have only lived 35 years so I have a best life list for age 35.

  1. Remember that real shit happens
  2. Stay in my lane
  3. Don’t let anything take away your smile
  4. Travel as much as I can when I can because I can. This won’t last long so take advantage of all the time God has given me to live the best moments
  5. Stay planning and prepared for the perfect moments to appreciate the best MOMENTS in life.

I still love the song because I strive daily to live my best life, to be the best daughter, to be the best sister, and to be the best aunty, and to be the best in my job. But don’t let other peoples happiness get in the way of all the best moments in life that you have right in front of you.  Real life shit will happen, the struggle is always real, and tears will always fall. But its important to remember that you have so many moments in life to look forward to.

yuri japanese wall

Live your whole best life in your lane in your moments, because you don’t want no one else’s darkness that hiding behind that smile.   We all have posted the perfect picture for the perfect moment and I used one for this post. So yes today is a good day but never know what happens tomorrow.



Love Always Miss Yuri……………….









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