Off The Radar Summer Fun

Hey Divas,


Happy Monday!!! How are you?


This has been a long week getting ready for my transition to Miami this summer and thinking about all the fun things I want to do and see while I’m here. I have been to Miami many times but I am really looking forward to seeing this place as a local resident and not a visitor.

People often as me how do I always find different things to do. Well simple I have three main places that I love to use as a resource Google, Instagram hashtags and, Trip advisor. I love to find new places and of course food that are low key quiet and relaxing.  This weekend I plan to go to the area of Brickell.  This place is nestled between Coral Gables and Miami Beach, Brickell might seem sleepier than other downtown areas—and its residents probably want to keep it that way—but there’s actually a vibrant cultural and restaurant scene, with more attractions to come.

I only get the weekends off I have to really plan my time wisely to make sure I see everything on my list for this area. One of the places I can’t wait to see is Brickell City Centre that reminds me of Beijing Sanlitun Soho that is full of shops, coffee shops, and of course restaurants.  But I’m really excited to go the restaurant Eat Greek located in Brickell.

I made sure to bring all of my favorite big earrings, skirts, and dresses so that I can not only be cute lol but super comfortable. One of the pieces that I really want to style this summer are long skirts and tassel earrings.



I plan to go to the beach more than twice a week to relax and wind down my and of course get a picture of 2 or 10 lol. Stay tuned divas to see my weekend review and suggestions for Brickell.





I don’t really blog about my career life but I can’t wait to share with you why I’m in Miami for 6 weeks and feature my favorite stylish educators.




Until next time……




Outfit Details

Earrings @consciousstatement

Necklace @consciousstatement

Purse kashmirvii



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