Everyday Statement

Hey Divas,


Good Morning and I hope you started your day off on a great start. It is getting warmer by the day in Florida and this heat is not agreeing with me and my hair at all. It is hot, muggy, and it rains about 4 hours a day every day. So it is hard to find the right clothing for work and still be comfortable and yes, cute.

Since I have come back it has been weird shopping for me style because I used to get my cloths made and I miss my tailor. But I do enjoy being able to buy in America a great pair of shoes which was limited for us in Asia sometime because the quality was not good and or they were way over prices.

Over the last 8 months I have noticed Amazon Prime has had an influx of Chinese companies selling clothing online and they are actually good quality. I have been addicted to buying everything on Amazon from, dishes, rugs, hair products, and even toiletries. I love Target but every time I go in there I spend $100 for no reason. So Amazon Prime has become my savor and I don’t even have to do anything but click and it comes right to my door.


One of my favorite thing to buy on Amazon is a good wrap dress for Florida. They are light weight, comfortable, and of course easy to wear a pair of statement earrings with. Check out how I styled this cute red wrap dress from Amazon Prime. You can also check out my Amazon Influencer page to see all the products that I purchase and on my wish list.


yuri walkingyuri street style

Outfit Details:

Dress : Check out my amazon influencer profile to see what I buy

Shoes old:  Zara

Earrings: ConsciousStatement


Until next time Divas…………………

Don’t forget to follow my blog this summer to see my Cuba Trip and top 10 local things to do in Miami…..

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