Hey Divas,

It’s been a while and missed you all. I hope all is well and you had an amazing holiday with family and close friends. This is my favorite part of the year when you get to catch up with family and friends and side eye the few that still get on your nerves. Lol. Yes I said it because we all have that one, two, or all, but love them to pieces.

This holiday I was extra excited to see my cousin Ameerah who has created an amazing jewelry line called Nontle Creation.   Her crystal inspired jewelry line is a combination of holistic healing crystals and copper that amplifies the power of the crystals for the  power of healing.

One of the things I admire about my cousin is she is determined and will not let anything stop her on her path of success. I have literally watched her grow up from birth to an amazing wife and mother. The name of her company fits her personality and style Nontle Creations which means Mother of Beauty.


mimi ring

For the past 6 months I have actually been reading the manual for my Nikon 5300, which by the way I have had for two years. Initially I bought the camera because I wanted to capture all the amazing wanderlust moments while I was overseas. But not that I am back home and in a new city I wanted to actually learn how to use the camera. I have no intention of making a business out of it but it has really been a great hobby to master.

I told my cousin that we are going to do a photo shoot and of course she was all for it. Now if you are a blogger you know how annoying it is to get the perfect picture. There are two times during the day you have to think about trying to get the perfect sunlight and that damn “golden hour” lol.  Between looking for the right location, pose, wardrobe malfunction, and the hot sun you might get at least 3 good photos.

I wanted to make sure that we got some nice photos for her new collection and also a background that matched her style. I have not lived in Ohio for a while but google is always available if you need to find a good location. It was also surprising to see all the great places that have been remodeled.

We ended up finding two locations around the water including the Hann Mansion, which is located at the entrance of the park.

 I never knew how bloggers got the perfect shot until I got to be on both sides of the camera. During our shoot we were in an area with a lot of trees to give her the perfect background for her new collection. Now here is where it gets tricky. Large trees block the light so you have to keep moving around to find the right light and shadow to get the perfect effect of the picture.  I’m still learning how to use light room which is the easiest of the editing programs but I have no interest to master it so have to get the right natural light.

This is the best hobby to have because you can actually take the time to perfect something you like to do for fun. There will come a point of time in your life when you will need to find a hobby outside of your friends, family, T.V., social media that will give you joy. For now my hobby is photography.

 mimi treemimi3




Check out my Instagram for more amazing photos and also my travel blog which will feature my Cuba trip later this year and how I’m preparing for my Australia trip.

Until next time Divas………….

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