May Statement Box Diva

Hey Divas,


Happy Spring!

I’m so excited about the release of our Spring and Summer Statement Boxes.  Our April Box Silver Madness was a great collection but now it’s time to reveal our May box. This month I decided to collaborate with an amazing local, Jacksonville Food & Fashion Blogger, Trice


I met Trice at the beginning of the year at a North Florida Influencer event and knew right away she was an amazing person.  Remember, this is the year of  YES for me and I wanted to get out and meet people.  Saying yes to an invite opened up an opportunity for me to meet some amazing bloggers at this event.

I’m really excited to collaborate with Trice because she has a great sense of style and I love the collection we collaborated on to introduce to our Statement Divas.

Let’s take a moment to meet our May Statement Box Stylist, Trice (@willworkforheels)

How did you get into blogging?

I’m a school teacher by day and several of my coworkers would always compliment me on my work attire.  They said I was by far the best dressed teacher and needed to give some of our colleagues a little guidance in the style department.  One of my coworkers threw out the idea of starting a blog and though I had been a blog follower and even had my own art blog at the time, the thought of starting a fashion blog seemed a little intimidating.  However, after a lot of thought, I decided I would started blog to provide a little style inspiration for others who were also on a budget like me.  I also wanted it to be a little different so I decided to incorporate my second love, FOOD!   It’s been a little over 6 years now that I’ve been blogging and I can truly say High Heels and Good Meals is my baby and a passion of mine.

Which is your favorite pair of earrings from Conscious Statement May Collection and why?

I love ALL of the earrings from my Conscious Statement May Collection!  If I had to choose a favorite though, it would be the Circus.  They are so fun and colorful and can be styled with a plethora of looks!  Within the first week of receiving my box, I wore these 4 times! One thing I really love about all of the Conscious Statement earrings is that they are bold, they are sassy, and they definitely make a statement but they are so light and comfortable on my ears!  It’s hard to find earrings that’ll give you your cake to eat too! I’m a fan!


trice 24

What do you do on your free time?

During my free time, I enjoy travelling.  There is so much of the world I desire to see and I’m definitely going to try and accomplish that goal during my life time!  Any chance I get the opportunity, I’m packing up my bags and catching a flight somewhere!  On a smaller scale, since I’m on the go so much, I also enjoy spending quiet time at home with my boo, some wine, a great meal, and Netflix!  It’s so relaxing and rejuvenating to unwind in the comfort of my own space.

Summer styling tips

trice 22

During the summer months I’m all about off the shoulder looks.  I think it’s flirty, fun, and stylish.  With this Florida summer heat, it’ll keep you cool without baring too much and you’ll look cute while you’re at it!  I also go for super colorful looks during the summer.  Summer is supposed to be fun and I can’t think of much else that screams fun, other than a cute & colorful outfit…especially if it’s off the shoulders!

I’m super excited about our May box and I hope you divas enjoy styling this collection as much as we did.

trice 23

Follow Trice on Instagram  and check out her blog.

IG: @willworkforheels


And be sure to check out her amazing blog for great styling tips and great food recommendations here in Jacksonville.


Until next time Divas…..

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