Inspiration from Accra

Hey Divas,


How are you and I’m so excited to finally welcome spring. Now that I am in Florida I have come to appreciate good weather and sunshine. Being a Clevelander you are used to spring and summer combinations where you see spring for about three weeks and then summer hits with no warning.


One of my favorite clothing items to wear in Florida are pants jumpsuits. I love to be comfortable and of course cute. A good friend of mine recently returned from Ghana and brought me back two amazing pants suits that are not only comfortable but the prints are absolutely amazing. I love the fabric and the colors are vibrant and amazing. I was particularly inspirited by the prints to add a few new earring to my statement collection that are perfect for spring and summer.

Take a look and see how I styles my favorite earrings with traditional Ghanaian print jumpsuits.

This first look is my absolute favorite. I love the pink and green colors with the leaf prints throughout the jumpsuit with waist that included a belt.  I decided to pair this jumpsuit with Shell of Desire earring to make it bold for a more of a tropical day wear look.


yuri photo

yuri smile


This second look is a looser pants suit that also came with a belt. This is my favorite of them all because it is easy to put on and has a very casual look for a relaxed Saturday. I decided to style this jumpsuit with Endless Magic Tassel in White to give the outfit a statement.

white tassels


This jumpsuit can also be paired with my favorite earrings from our spring collection Safari.

yuri earrings

Hope you enjoyed these looks Divas and all earrings are available  on our site 20% off. Don’t forget to check out our May statement box that is available for purchase on May 1.


Until Next Time Divas……


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