Ways To Style A Statement Necklace

Hey Divas


I hope you are having a wonderful week and hitting some of your New Year goals. This week has been really busy and I have been trying to catch up on work and creating great content for my re-branding. It has been an interesting experience getting in front of the camera and posing, which I’m not used to at all. I always seem to laugh because I’m super uncomfortable but my pictures turn out cute lol.

One of the reasons I started the style blog was to show customers how to wear some of the unique pieces from my Statement Collection.  One of the main questions people email me is “How do I style these unique necklaces.?’

Statement necklaces are supposed to make your everyday outfit stand out and make a statement. A casual graphic tee becomes dressier as soon as you pair it with a glam, sparkly statement necklace. A bold print dress can be toned down by a statement necklace to  make your look more glamorous without looking to gaudy.

I decided to do my first look for my photo shoot to show you how to style 3 statement necklaces with the same off the shoulder top from Banana Republic, which by the way is one of my favorite stores to find classic staples items.



The first necklace called Day Dream which is a two pieces interchangeable necklaces that hangs low and gives the shirt a  classic but bold look.  The eye catching details of the necklace would not work well with a patter  or graphic T, because it would take away from the details of the necklace. Remember try to wear a big statement necklace with a lot of details with a plain solid color shirt that will not take away from the necklace.



The second look I decided to wear a piece from my collection called Midnight Madness. This unique round nick statement necklace can be worn with multiple different necklines to make this mixed media masterpiece the focal point of your outfit. This is one of my favorite pieces that has been a great conversation starter when I’m out with the girls.


CS1-2 (1)

Link for Necklace:



The third look I wore Cascade which is one of our best sellers. This  show stopping necklaces is an instant must have for any diva looking to make statement. If you’re feeling bold and want make a statement this is the necklace for you. I plan to feature this necklace throughout the Spring and Summer with my favorite dresses and of course a date night look.



Statement necklaces are meant to stand out and make a simple outfit turn heads. Whether you’re simplifying with one statement necklace, trying your hand at layering delicate chains, or stacking chunky styles, there’s a look out there for every occasion.


Head over to my Instagram to see more styling ideas and travel tips @consciousstatement


Until next time ladies…………………….


What Statement Will You Make Today?

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