Hey Divas,

We are back and happy to announce another Brand Ambassador for the Month of February. As you know we are in the process of re branding and you will start to see some changes happening to our website and social media. We want to thank everyone for all of their support and hope you will continue to support our brand as we make some new changes.

I would like to officially welcome Kathiria to the Conscious Statement Ambassador Family. Kathiria is a makeup artist and model based out of York, Pennsylvania, and is making waves with her new your tube channel on makeup tutorials. She has been doing make up and modeling for about 3 years and is ready to make it her full time passion as she takes her makeup tutorials full time on her YouTube channel.

kathrina 2

Let’s chat with Kathiria and find out more about her.

What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known for my ambition. As a single mother I know how hard things can get at times, but I always keep a positive mentality and continue to strive to be successful not only for myself but my son as well. I love fashion and makeup. At this moment my goal is to finish college while continue to work on my business as a makeup artist. I love to make other women feel beautiful and I want them to see me a an inspiration and hopefully motivate them to continue working on their dreams as I am.

katrina 3

  1.     Which of Conscious Statement piece do you like the most and why?

One of my favorite pieces from Conscious Statements would have to be Circle Of Joy in forest green.  As a model and makeup artist I love using colors and making a statement and these earrings are definitely IT! They are beautiful and can be easily styled for a night out with your girls, or a date to dinner.

Circle of Joy

katrina 4

What drives you to be successful?

What drives me to be successful is my six year old son. He motivates me everyday to keep going after my dreams. I also want to show people especially women that single women/mothers can be successful all on their own with hard work and dedication.


You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her makeup tutorials and also subscribe to her YouTube channel

YouTube KathiriaPerez


_beaukat & kreations_by_kat

Until next time DIVAS

MAKE A STATEMENT……………………………….

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