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We are excited to announce another Brand Ambassador for Conscious Statement. La-Anna Douglas is from Baltimore, Maryland and she is the owner of Hopestillstands which is an inspiration within itself.  Her story personally touched me and helped me overcome many personal battles I was having and listening to her testimony gave me hope in many areas of my life. Her story and daily inspirations are helping women not only in the Baltimore area but all over the world.


Let’s take a moment and talk to La-Anna and find out more about her amazing organization and how she helps women find the hope that still stands.





Tell us about Hopestillstands LLC. and what it represents.


My name is La-Anna Douglas, I am the Founder of Hopestillstands LLC. My journey has many stumbling blocks but I am still here to share my story to inspire others. I was born with medical issues including one kidney, severely dehydrated, jaundice and a liver infection. By the age of 5, I started to be molested up to the age of 7. In school I was bullied because of the color of my skin. Told that my skin was too dark to be beautiful. Throughout some of my elementary school years up to high school, I was known as Dark Vader or Ugly La-Anna. Girls would threaten to jump me or I had to fight to make it through. I suffered with low self-esteem and depression. When I became an adult I met my now husband and we soon got married. We decided that we were ready to start a family. We went through so many ups and downs with trying to conceive. I soon found out that I had infertility issues and a double uterus. I went through several surgeries, medications and procedures but I still could not get pregnant. This is when I hit my lowest, the depression returned and I wanted to commit suicide. But by the grace of God, After 8 years, we were blessed naturally, I became pregnant with a baby girl. After the birth of our daughter, the Lord placed Hopestillstands in my heart. After all that I had been through I was still standing. I started to love my skin & who I was as a person. I am a Model, Motivational Speaker and a Mentor. I’ve been in several fashion shows, modeled at Pop Up shops, featured on websites, I have even shared my journey at schools & church’s, been a mentor to others and a support to women. My platform is so much bigger than me. To see how far I’ve come pushes me to reach anyone and everyone I can. Hopestillstands is a lifestyle brand. Despite what you may have gone through, Your life has a purpose. It takes one person to shine there light for the world to see and spread the message ‘Love the skin you are in’. I pray when people see me they receive courage to keep moving forward. The Journey From ‘Hatred To Hope’ has just begun.


What do you want to be known for?


I want to be known for using my platform to inspire others. Despite my past obstacles and struggles I am still here. My Journey from Hatred to Hope is a daily reminder that my life has purpose & I use my story to show others that you are beautiful as you are. God has kept me and I tell my testimony every opportunity I am given because we should be a light in this world.


lanna douglas 2

Which of Conscious Statement piece do you like the most and why?

As a model and motivational speaker making a statement not only with my words but with fashion, Conscious Statement line of jewelry give my wardrobe the statement it needs. My favorite of the statement earring line if New New Tassel in bronze. They are big and bold like my dreams and passion and I wear them with just about anything in my closet.



lanna douglas
Hope Still Stands CEO







earrings 111
New New Tassels


For more information about Mrs. La-Anna Douglas and her amazing journey by visiting her website at http://www.hopestillstands.com.


Stay Tuned…… for more announcements and a new post all about introducing our new line of jewelry and winter holiday shopping gift ideas.






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