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Hey Divas
Conscious Statement is excited to announce our first Brand Ambassador Jeteia Benson, creator of Savvi Society and bestselling author of Couch to Career.  Jeteia is from Cleveland, Ohio, currently living in Columbus, Ohio, working in the medical field as a nurse.  She is breaking grounds with her Savvi Society Network helping women in the medical field make the right decisions professionally and also helping them to build their own brand.
Jeteia is not only breaking grounds in the medical field but she is also venturing into the world of motivational speaking. She has established a platform for authors to engage with their readers on not only a personal level but to also share a plethora of information surrounding career and goal setting. 
Let’s chat with Jeteia to see what drives her success and of course tap into her closet to check out her style.


IMG_0174 2

Why did you create Savvi Society?
It became my vision to create a network for women interested in the healthcare field that will empower and equip them to be successful in their careers’.  I have researched and developed courses and resources that help nurses  reach their  professional goals. Though I am the founder, I consider myself a member of the Savvi Society Network as I know how it feels to have clear direction, yet hit a career glass ceiling. I know what it’s like to not have the support necessary to achieve the impossible. I know what it’s like to at times feel directionless and confused. I have created this network because; I want to see every single one of you excel and reach heights even greater than you could ever imagine. I am here because of you!
  What are your three guiding principles in life?
1. Faith gets you much further than fear ever will. 
2. Hard work always pays off in one way or another 
3 Live life unapologetically, do what you love and celebrate every step of the way!!
Tell us about yourself and Savvi Soicety?
 I’m a nurse, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur: I am the founder and creator of Savvi Society: a health careers consulting and coaching business. We help aspiring nurses get into the program they desire of secure the nursing job of their dreams. Savvi Society also represents a lifestyle: the hard working goal and career driven woman that loves to be chic and travel.  Savvi Society has also branched off into travel and have a new brand called  Savvi Lifestyle Travel Co. #savvisociety #savvilifestyle #savvitravel 




What is your favorite statement piece from Conscious Statement?
 I’m a huge fan of using jewelry as a statement and it making the whole outfit come together. My favorite statement piece from Conscious Statement is Studded. These earrings are defiantly a show stopper and a great party accessory. I also love them because I can wear them with jeans and a sweat shirt and throw these on with a bold lip! 
My style motto: Accessories are life!  Never leave home without earrings and a dope pair of shades! “ Your style speaks louder than your words”.


Jeteia wearing Conscious Statement earrings Roselina
We want to thank Jeteia for taking the time to tell us her story and collaborating with us on our first Brand Ambassador Campaign.  Visit her at to find out more about her Brand and how to get ahead in the nursing field.
Stay tuned to see who we will announce next.

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